Creating a Customized Business E-Card

Business E-Cards have been around for a while and they’ve seen a lot of improvements and customization options from designers. Over the years, online E-Card developers like Corporate Holiday E-Cards, have built a comprehensive library of business E-Cards that are suitable for every kind of occasion.

Pre-designed E-Cards offer a lot of convenience for business owners, managers and marketers. They can be selected quickly and the recipient’s email address can be easily filled in. These cards take no more than a few clicks to send to customers and the perfect marketing tool for marketers in a hurry.

These E-Cards also tend to be cheaper when purchased in a bundle.  Most managers use these cards for bulk sending to a large list of recipients.

Customized Business E-Cards

Customizable Business E-Cards are also popular with managers and marketers. These cards are very unique and usually include options for customization of images and sound. Receiving one of these cards is a real treat for your customers and employees as they usually tell an animated story with perfect sound effects to go.

E-Card customization comes in two varieties. First, there are the limited customizable cards where the sender can choose the color, theme and look of the card. The sender can add an animation, or change the speed at which the animation plays.

Some E-Cards also offer the option of adding images such as a customer or employee photo that can be mixed with hand drawn art to create a cool and fun image.

Card senders can also include sounds, tunes and music including birthday songs, Christmas carols and popular songs, both old and new.

The second option for customization is more unique where the card sender can request a specialized animation from the card designer. There is no limit to what you can achieve with a completely customized E-Card animation. These cards are fueled by the power of a customer’s imagination and creativity.


A completely customized card is the best way to connect with employees or clients that you have known for a long time. The talented illustrators and animators at Corporate Holiday E-Cards can create a customized one-of-its kind digital greeting card, based on customer needs.

Animated E-Cards, especially those of the completely customized design tend to be slightly more expensive. Customized cards also need to be ordered in advance because it takes time to and create them. These cards may not be an option if you are on a budget or have a short deadline to send the cards out.

Choosing the Time for Your E-Card

One problem with sending out business greeting cards is that senders can’t figure out the perfect timing to post it. If you send the card too early, it may get delivered to the recipient before the occasion has arrived. If you wait too long, it may only reach the recipient after the event is over.

Things are different when sending an E-Card through Corporate Holiday E-Cards. You can set the option to send the E-Card right away and specify the time when you want it to be delivered to the receiver. Not only will your card get there on time, you can also minimize your chances of forgetting to post the card.

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