Customer Relationship Management through E-Cards

Building strong and positive relationships with existing customers goes a long way in keeping a business successful. When it comes to making a buying decision, customers are influenced by their perception of a business just as much as the quality of products and services they can get from it.

This is why many business experts and marketing gurus emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive relationship, especially with existing customers. Marketing experts believe that it is five times more costly in terms of time and resources to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing customer happy.

Keeping Customers Happy

There are plenty of ways to keep customers happy and attached with your products and services. The most direct method is to improve the quality of the offerings. You can also reduce your prices to seem like the better option.

These two methods are old school however and a lot of businesses are already doing this. In order to appear unique and connect with your clients better, businesses must look at new ways to wow their customers.

One way to do this is by making your correspondence with customers all about them. Instead of sending customers letters and promotional material about your products and services, you could try making your messages more personalized to customers.

Making a Positive Impression on Customers through E-Cards

Seasonal greeting cards and well-wishing cards for a special occasion have been used by businesses for quite some time. They are very good at building trust and positive rapports with your customers. They are also less intrusive than marketing material as you are not pushing your products or services with customers, at least not directly.

Paper greeting cards have seen a decline in usage in favor of E-Cards which are both easier and quicker to send.  E-Cards have a similar, or in some cases, a more profound effect on customers. They are highly customizable and the sender is not constrained by time limitations on when the card should be sent.

Occasions for E-Cards

Promotional marketing messages are focused on your business, such as the launch of a new product or discount. E-Cards, in contrast, should be focused on the customer and his or her special occasion.

While there are no specific rules or limitations on when to send an E-Card out, there are certain occasions that call for sending them out to your important customers. Some of these occasions include the following.

Anniversaries and Birthdays are always a safe option for wishing your customers well and showing them that you care. Your customers will really appreciate the gesture and you can make their day much better even with the simplest of cards.

Season’s greetings are also one of the safer options and don’t seem intrusive. If your business is engaged in selling products or services related to the season, there is no better marketing gimmick than a seasonal E-Card.

You can also send an E-Card when there is no special occasion or event. A ‘Missing You’ E-Card with a touch of humor can work wonders. One of our favorite is using the image of a puppy with big, innocent eyes which can bring a smile to the customer’s face and make them reconsider buying from your business.

For more great ideas on sending E-Cards for your marketing needs, be sure to visit the Corporate Holiday E-Cards website and browse through their large library of online greeting cards.

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