Importance of E-Cards in Corporate Relationships

Running a successful business is all about partnering with the right firms and maintaining favorable relations with your business associates. A business is affected by many stakeholders and building a strong and close relationship with them goes a long way in making your company a success.

The Corporate Stake holders

A business organization is nothing but an association of individuals working together for the success of a common goal. A corporation is dependent on its employees, management, customers, suppliers, investors, local community and government for its sustained growth and profitability.

All these stakeholders have interests vested in the business. They can affect the business operations in both negative and positive ways. The basics of business marketing tell us that a company must regularly communicate with its stakeholders to let them know that their roles are appreciated.

Gaps in Communication

While everyone understands and agrees about the importance of regular B2B communication with different business partners, it can be quite difficult to find effective channels for such communication.

For example, employees should be reminded every now and then about what a wonderful job they are doing. It is a great way to motivate the staff. Yet managers may find it difficult to find the perfect words on how to show their appreciation.

Motivating employees face to face can also be quite time consuming. In a large organization with hundreds of employees, managers may find it a nightmare to appreciate each and every employee individually.

The problem gets even bigger when it comes to appreciating customers or vendors. Employees can be easily reached, but getting in touch with your buyers and suppliers is much more difficult.

Electronic Greeting Cards

Electronic greeting cards became quite popular for businesses in the mid 2000’s. They offered a fast and customized way to get in touch with your customers to show them how much you appreciated their patronage.

E-cards have been coming back into use with the rising popularity of mobile apps, smart phones and tablets. Today, they offer a great way to wish your business clients a good day or the season’s greetings without taking too much of their time.

Subtle Marketing

Electronic greeting cards serve as an effective marketing tool by subtly reminding your customers about your products and services without being too obvious about it. Unlike brochures or targeted marketing emails which are about your products and services, an e-card is all about your customer to make them feel special.

You can have the benefit of targeted marketing with E-cards by sending them out to customers on their special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries while also letting them know that your services can make their occasion even better.

Quick and Personalized

Electronic greeting cards are great for sending last minute greetings to your business associates. An E-card can be sent within minutes. All you need to do is select the card you like, fill in the recipient details, and write any special message that you would like delivered to the receiver.

Corporate E-cards are customizable too. You can add unique photos of your employees, office, company logo, funny images and animations that would really click with the recipient.

Relationship Management

Corporate E-cards offer an effective way to improve your business reputation in a light and fun way. Businesses that are adapting to modern technologies are seen as much more reliable and efficient than businesses that continue to do thing in the old-fashioned way.

When your clients or suppliers receive an e-card, they will view your company as a forward-looking company and boost your corporate reputation.

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