Corporate E-cards: An Exceptional Marketing Tool

Make business marketing more personal and memorable through corporate E-cards!

In today’s fluctuating economic times; customer retention and effective brand marketing can make or break a business. During the day-to-day struggle of keeping up with corporate meetings, work schedules and project deadlines; most businesses tend to neglect nurturing their customers and establishing an amicable bond with them.

To generate that extra pinch of love and attention, let the conventional product-centric and ‘latest offers’ emails rest in peace, because they going to rest in your customer’s junk folder anyway, and let your business relationships benefit from the next big thing in E-marketing: Corporate E-cards. This exceptional marketing tool has the power to create important ‘touchy moments’ that can really win a potential customer over. Whether it is Easter, Diwali, St. Patrick’s Day or the Chinese New Year; sending a personalized electronic greeting card to extend your greetings presents a fantastic opportunity to reach out to a diverse customer base, and makes them feel individually attended, without any sales or promotional pitch attached!

Why Choose Business E-cards as a Marketing Tool?

Clients today prefer businesses that appear more customer-oriented than brand-oriented, and usually end up annoyed with promotional emails and announcement letter flooding their inboxes. That being said, who wouldn’t love a surprise greeting card, addressed in their names, with the seasons’ greetings and festive wishes from an unexpected sender? Such pleasant surprises will always serve as an effective player on your marketing team to communicate your business idea and customer-centric practices in a polite and unique manner.

With time, an increasing number of businesses are resorting to E-cards to create awareness about their products, instead of monthly phone calls and newsletters. Without appearing too promotional, business E-cards portray your brand image in a visually attractive, engaging and memorable way. Your customers may forget about your latest offers and discounted products as soon as they finish reading the email, but they will never forget how your business made them feel on special occasions. The strong impact that it has in building your corporate entity defines the extraordinary marketing potential of business E-cards.

Budget Friendly and Environment Friendly

Owing to the increasing awareness about eco-friendly and greener practices, many customers look out for businesses that adapt environment friendly methods. E-cards again emerge a winner in this paper vs. digital competition and give your business a competitive edge with their eco-friendly aspect.

Telemarketing, promotional brochures and visual advertisement is generally more expensive than digital marketing. Once you choose to market through E-cards, you get the best of both worlds: boosting sales yet saving costs. Isn’t that a perfect win-win situation?

Marketing enthusiasts, if you are looking for a more individual, appealing yet effective way to promote your company, look no further than touching the hearts of your vast customer base by sending them a personalized corporate E-card. Not only will it work to your favor, but also never fail to strike the right cord with your patrons.

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