Corporate E-cards – A Creative Marketing Tool

Retaining customers in this digital era is getting more difficult day by day, it is therefore necessary to keep yourself connected with your customers. Corporate ecards are essential to maintain friendly and compassionate relations with your clients.

Corporate ecards offer many benefits; they are eco-friendly, cost effective, and can be delivered quickly to the customers without much hassle. Sending corporate ecards to customers is one of the marketing strategies of businesses today. There are many features that make corporate e-cards a perfect creative marketing tool.


Corporate ecards are budget friendly. They save you from printing charges since there is zero involvement of paper. Traditional greeting cards also serve as a marketing tool but sending them is a more expensive, time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

In comparison to any other marketing tool also, corporate e-cards are usually more cost-saving. Unlike billboards or TV advertisements, they incur much less expense and provide more reach to the customers.

The cost incurred in corporate e-cards marketing is relatively low, which allows you to send several cards a year to multiple users.

Flexibility and Control

Corporate ecards provide you with an opportunity to tailor your cards depending on your client’s style. With other marketing media, like TV or newspaper, you can only send public messages. While with corporate ecards, you can control the number of recipients of your message.

Increased Impact

Corporate ecards offer you the liberty to add personalised messages. You can add different messages for different clients, which increases the impact of your message. Other marketing tools, generally, cannot be customized. If you use some other marketing tool, like a radio message or a TV advertisement, you are sending a single message to the whole public, therefore you need to carefully craft it to target all the customers.

Try Before You Buy

Many ecard companies now offer this. These companies design your card and send you a test email to make sure that everything is just right, according to your needs. If there is any improvement needed, it can be done – all before you pay for the service.

Send Your Message at the Right Time

With ecards, you can control the delivery time as well. If the e-card is designed for some special occasion, you can setup automatic emailing to ensure that it is delivered at the right time.

Serves Multiple Purposes

Ecards are not just holiday greeting cards. They can be used for multiple purposes. Business ecards are a great way to subtly ask your satisfied customers for a referral. Corporate e-cards can be used to send a season’s greeting in a professional way. They can be used to congratulate your client on some achievement or may be to offer an apology to an annoyed customer.

Corporate ecards allow you to add a personal touch to your promotional message. Customers are more likely to try your product or service when they receive an ecard.  Corporate ecards are excellent marketing tools. If done right, corporate e-cards can increase your reach to the customers.

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