E-Cards Offer Many Options to Employees

Greeting cards don’t always have to be sent from the manager and HR department to the employees. As an employee, you can also send them to your fellow co-workers and boss to let them know that you appreciate their support and value their friendship at work.

E-Cards take out much of the work that is required for sending greeting cards. They are quick, inexpensive and offer thousands of customization options. E-Cards can also be delayed until the eleventh hour or you can send them in a case where you completely forgot to post a card to your colleagues or boss.

The Joy of Sharing Seasonal Greeting Cards

Greeting cards that wish your colleagues the season’s greetings are quite nice to send and receive. They are a perfect way to break the ice when you are new at your job or when you have fallen out of touch with colleagues from another department.

One major advantage of E-Cards is that they are not as intrusive as paper based greeting cards. In order to send a paper greeting card, you would need the home address of the recipient. Colleagues who are private minded or don’t know you too well would be reluctant to give you their home address. If they are the private sort, they may not even appreciate receiving a card at home, even when they have given you their home address.

There is an alternative. You can simply hand your seasonal greeting card to your colleagues at work. While this option is safer, it misses the element of surprise and your colleagues will get the card before the event which is kind of dull if you ask us.

Holiday E-Cards

Apart from their many advantages of being cheaper, quicker and far more interactive than any paper greeting card, E-Cards offer two distinct advantages that you will simply not get with traditional ones.

First, you don’t need any private information of your co-workers or boss to send them an E-Card. These cards can be sent to email addresses or mobile numbers and you can simply send the card of your choice to your colleague’s office email address or office cell phone number. This is quite effective for wishing the season’s greetings to colleagues that you don’t know very well.

The second advantage of E-Cards is that you can send them on the day of the event to keep the element of pleasant surprise for your colleagues. E-Cards are delivered instantaneously and you don’t have to worry too much about delays.

You can also set the E-Cards to be delivered on a specific date and time in advance and the card will get delivered when you want. This feature ensures that you will never miss sending the seasonal card to your colleagues, boss or anyone ever again.

You can send an online holiday greeting card through Business Holiday E-Cards website which hosts a very large collection of seasonal cards for all occasions. You can also get in touch with them to inquire about any customized cards that you need for a special occasion or event.

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