Clever Video Content Ideas

With video email marketing, it is easier for businesses today to get the ball into the net. This is an amazing technique which uses video in emails to deliver the message accurately and market the business without seeming too sales-y.

The power of video email marketing is something you can’t neglect when planning your marketing campaigns. It is an easy and straightforward way to connect with your audiences while marketing your services, products, and achievements.

If used appropriately, video in emails has the ultimate power to bring you high sales and exhibit a more powerful impact on whoever receives those emails.

Let’s have a look at some interesting ideas that can help generate content for videos in emails.

1. News Roundup

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When you have so much going on in your business, video email marketing is the best way to inform your audiences and business partners up-to-date. When your business has no shortage of things going on, it can seem overwhelming to keep your audience up-to-date.

You can create “vNews” to provide information about useful updates or products/services that you have launched. You include a video link in your email greetings or newsletter and simply send it out to your mailing list.

2. Behind-The-Scenes

Showing behind-the-scene information is the best way to gain the trust of your audiences.

Regardless if it is a new competent employee you want to tell the world about or share any new activities or products that you are launching, with the incorporation of video in emails you send, you provide a better understanding of everything to the recipients and show a clear picture.

3. Event Follow-Up
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After you have pulled out a great party, make sure to increase its impact and value by sending a post-event email containing a video with highlights of the event and a thank you note to the attendants.

This will do an outstanding job and will even tell those who didn’t attend the event about it, increasing the reputation of your business. In addition to being an awesome throwback to the party, this will inspire those who missed to show up next year and look forward to it.

4. New Releases

Sending a preview for your upcoming events and product launches is a great way to spark interest and create excitement. Think about ways you can make a video to tempt your audiences and the draft an impactful video email marketing plan.

5. Tutorials

A how-to video can never go wrong. It is a good technique to show your expertise, let people know about your best practices, and show the customers that you care for them. A how-to video in emails will provide a systematic way for audiences to create something of value which will ultimately make you their ultimate go-to stop.

Start today and see which technique works best for you and/or increases your audience’s engagement.

Do you keep your audiences and business partners up-to-date using video email marketing?

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