Tips on Choosing Images and Photos for Ecards

Many modern corporate e-cards allow you to include images and photographs in their content. Images can be very effective, as they can convey a certain mood, localize your e-card, or display your work, office, and staff. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with an e-card, there are many image options available to customize it in order to create a unique product. Below you can find the typical image options available to you when creating a corporate e-card. These image options can be used on their own, or in combination to create a multifaceted presentation.

Templated Images
Many e-card vendors have placeholder or templated images already present in their photo-based e-cards. These images are usually of high quality, and have been carefully selected to work well with the design of the specific e-card. In addition to the quality and relevance of the photos, a big advantage to templated images is that because they’re already set, using them saves you time from searching for and selecting new images. Simply choose the template that they’re in, and you’re good to go. If it’s late in the holiday season, and you need to get an e-card out quick, this is extremely beneficial.

Stock Photos
Another option for image selection is to use licensed professional stock photography. This is the route that most businesses take because stock photography provides fantastic quality, and stock photo sites have an immense selection of images to choose from. With some of the larger web sites, you can find almost any image you’re looking for – from a seasonal setting in a specific city, to images of people in any situation imaginable. Stock photography, however, can be quite pricey – ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars per image. Some corporate e-card vendors include the use of stock photography in the base price of their product, or you can use your own preferred stock image source.

Staff Photos
Some template-based e-cards allow for integration of staff images, with designs specifically made to best showcase your company’s employees to your recipients. E-Card vendors typically require these images be taken by a professional photographer, but you may be able to get by with high quality images taken by someone at your company. These images can take place in an office setting, a tradeshow, a company social event, or any other environment that you would like to feature.

Images from the Office Archives
Many businesses like to use images that they’ve amassed over the years to create an e-card that is both original and representative of their company. These could be images of work projects, staff (as noted above), company events, office buildings, or scenic shots of the office’s local area. Beyond photos, this category could include scans of art work or digital graphics created by your company. Either way, these self-provided images allow for an extra level of customization and uniqueness to your corporate e-card.

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