Don’t Be a Turkey! Celebrate the Harvest Season with Customers by Sending Business Thanksgiving Ecards

Thanksgiving is a day when we all come together and share what we are grateful for in our lives. It is a great day for everyone to take a look at those around us and show appreciation for how our lives have been affected by them.

For businesses, it is the perfect opportunity to let customers know just how much of their success they owe to them.

History of Thanksgiving

Most of us look forward to thanksgiving simply because of the promise of a beautiful turkey, football, and the opportunity to kick back and relax with our loved ones. This thanksgiving tradition however, started off much earlier, when the first harvest meal was held in 1621.

This was when the Native Americans and settlers hunted together and shared a meal for the very first time in celebration of the harvest feast. This marked the beginning of a peace which lasted for a generation.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Considering how long some of the more modern traditions have lasted, it can be difficult to accept that most of the events that occurred on the original day have long been lost to time.

Since most of what we eat today wasn’t available during those times, the settlers and natives ate what they had hunted. This included roasted meat, shellfish, corn, and deer. Singing, dancing, and ball games were also part of the festivities.

Thanksgiving traditions Today

Today, the face of thanksgiving is rather different. It is a day when families traditionally come together for reunions to feast together and give thanks for their achievements in the past year.

Turkey, of course, stands as the undisputed centerpiece of that dinner table.

Parades which started with President Lincoln also became a permanent part of Thanksgiving tradition. The NFL somehow crept into the norm as watching American football has become a tradition.  Three games are expected to be played during U.S. Thanksgiving this year.

Sending Greetings

As distances grow, greeting each other by sending cards has also become a tradition. Every year, businesses and individuals create personalized cards to send to the people they love and care about.

Businesses however meet some unique challenges in this regard. Reaching out to thousands and even millions of customers, within a budget and keeping a minimal carbon footprint, is a goal that businesses need to accomplish every year. Luckily, this can be done through electronic thanksgiving greetings and business Ecards. has some of the largest galleries of Ecards marking some of the best thanksgiving traditions so businesses and individuals can reach out to the ones they love. In fact, they also offer some of the best designs that make them the perfect choice for Thanksgiving Ecards for businesses.

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