Business Video E-Cards are an Emerging Trend

Video e-cards are an emerging trend in the corporate and business e-card world. Similar in style to Flash and HTML5 animated e-cards, video e-cards can provide complex graphic and text animations, include images, video clips and audio, as well as reflect a company’s branding through the use of logo and corporate colors. Video e-cards may even simply be video outputs of e-cards that were created in Flash or HTML5. Where video e-cards differ from their animated e-card cousins though is in their file formats and playback options.

Unlike Flash or HTML5 e-cards, video e-cards are, as I’m sure you can guess, in video format. Today the most common video format used for e-cards is the MP4. MP4 files currently offer the best size-to-quality ratio of any web video format, and hence, are the most widespread format found on the Internet. It’s popularity especially grew since it became the video format of choice for Apple’s iTunes store. Beyond MP4, video e-cards can be found in such tried-and-true formats such as MPEG2 or AVI. While MPEG2 and AVI files may work well for e-cards due to their compatibility and decent video quality, they still take a back seat to MP4 due to their increased file size. And when you’re sharing an e-card video with hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of plays, file size efficiency is important for not bogging down your company’s server, or keeping your 3rd party hosting costs down.

Speaking of hosting, like a Flash e-card, HTML5 e-card, or any type of online media, video e-cards do require to be hosted online. This can be accomplished by having the e-card uploaded to a folder on your company’s website, and available as a downloadable link. The video e-card could also be embedded on your company website within a video player that allows your recipients to stream the video directly. Lastly, what is an increasingly common practice is to upload the video e-card to your company’s YouTube channel for distribution. This has the advantage of making your video e-card highly compatible, as YouTube can be players across essentially every computer and mobile device. It also allows you to use YouTube’s analytics to track how many people viewed the e-card, where they were from, and other helpful statistics to aid in quantifying the success of the e-card.

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