Why Business ECards Are Better Than Paper Cards

The use of paper cards has become a distant memory because of the numerous benefits that eCards bring to the table. Whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or just NOTHING, you can occasionally send out business eCards to make your clients feel valued and remembered.

When it comes to business communications, we should make the most out of every chance we get to contact our partners and clients. Before you call the printer to talk about paper card stock and postal rates, take a moment to consider how a business eCard can deliver more than just a message!

Business eCards versus Paper Cards

With the cost of printing and postage rising and the Ozone layer being harmed with excessive use of paper and plastic, the whole concept of printing greetings on paper cards and sending them via the post office has failed.

When you’re attempting to get cards addressed to the corporate clients and partner you are working with, you put in a lot of effort, money, and time. But unfortunately, all your effort ends in smoke and the paper cards you send end up in the landfill mostly.

Thusly, business eCards have gained a lot of fame over time. They are an excellent answer to deliver your message to the clients successfully in addition to saving costs, time, and effort.

Whether you’re searching for a fully customized business eCard or unique templates on which you can emblazon your logo and include a message, you will find everything you need; thanks to the forums such as Business Holiday Cards. You will also have numerous options to choose from according to your budget limits.

ECards Are Meaningful for Everyone Today

People today, especially the Millennials, grow up using technology and innovative gadgets. They are more into the digital world than real and so digitalized things are more attractive and meaningful to them.

In case your paper card makes it through the mail and timely arrives on a Millennial’s desk, the conversation ends before it starts i.e. right when they open the envelope. There is no invitation to take action and respond as it takes a lot of effort to write back.

Moreover, contrary to the business eCards, there are no additional links or information in paper cards that would draw their attention and retain it for a while. ECards, however, can be conveniently shared via the internet, through mobile, and even through the recipient’s own email platform. They are of course more interesting as they include ‘open-and-click through” links which keep the recipients engaged.

With business eCards, you also get to convey as much as you want without overloading the page/card i.e. by including links you’d like the clients to see. Moreover, unlike paper cards, with little effort and cost invested in business eCards, you strengthen your professional relationships, market your business, and make the clients feel valued and special without being intrusive.

So, it’s a win-win opportunity that you would not want to miss out on!

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