Bring Your Marketing Strategy to Life with GIF Images

The GIF stats collected every day are phenomenally improving. According to the Giphy’s 2016 State of the GIF report, over 1 billion GIFs are served and over 100 million people see GIFs.

Moreover, even with their stunted length, over 2 million hours of GIFs are seen every day.

A lot of celebrities and big names prefer using GIF images in their personal brandings such as Barack Obama, Conan O’Brien, and Lady Gaga. In addition to this, corporate giants such as McDonald’s, Facebook, Twitter, and Nike are doing the same. They are using GIF images along with conventional marketing strategies.

The momentum of the use and effectiveness of GIF images keeps on surging. And this is the reason more and more brands are opting to use GIF images in email marketing.If your email marketing strategy seems to be slumping, it probably needs to have GIF images included to give you better results.

Here’s how you can start adding GIFs to your email marketing strategy today to see your open and click-through rate surge tomorrow.

When you’re ready to get started, download this checklist. It will ensure you’ve done all you need for email GIF perfection.

What’s in a GIF?


GIF images started off as an improved way to host static images in 1987. Two years later in 1989, the GIF was finally able to support short animations. And today, it is an excellent universally-accepted way to communicate and deliver messages effectively to the readers/viewers.

Yes, GIF images are that old. They are not a technology too new as they appear to be. It is just the use which has increased. It is a 40-year-old marketing tool experiencing a resurgence.

There a few key factors that tell about and contribute to the effectiveness of GIF images. These are:

1. Traditional and Relevant

GIF images are an innovative way for users to drive and define culture/traditions and skim over the GIF images on the internet to know what is new and relevant. This is what makes them so popular.

The GIF images available on the internet today are focused on celebrities, news events, validreminiscence, trendy phrases etc. GIFs simply are a genuine reflection of each day that comes along.

2. Universal

Just like they say a smile is the universal language of peace, GIF images strike viewers from diversified backgrounds, speaking different languages. This quality of GIF images is especially important when the list of subscribers has people from multicultural backgrounds.

While the text you write for marketing purposes may lost its essence when translated to different languages, the expressions/animations displayed in GIF images remain constant and understandable to everyone.

3. Shareable

GIF images are catchy, comprehensible, relatable, short, and shareable. The first four qualities enable it to achieve the last one which is shareability. This perfect blend makes GIF images act as the ideal marketing supplement across almost every platform, including email marketing.

4. Responsive

Responsiveness is an amazing feature that GIF images offer, unlike most marketing tools. Creating GIFs is a very simple and inexpensive task. You can create numerous on a short notice and use them immediately to serve the desired purpose.

No need to rush or hire a developer, do coding, or even request the image editors to work on them. This is one job that gets done in minutes and delivers the message precisely and effectively.

If you use a marketing tool which doesn’t deliver your message in a few seconds, you lose the attention of the readers. GIF images are an incredible way to convey your message instantly and that too, without much hassle or costs.

Isn’t that exactly what you’d like your email marketing to do?


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