Brands That Are Ruling the World of Video Marketing

Facebook, Facebook live, Snapchat, Instagram and Instagram Stories, YouTube, Periscope—there probably isn’t any social media platform which doesn’t allow video marketing. In fact, videos have even made their place in business emails in the form of video email marketing.

Needless to mention but good to reiterate; video is really taking over the internet world and digital marketing. More viewers today are inclined towards watching video tutorials, advertisements and everything than content based on simple text or still images.

Statistics show more than 8 billion videos equaling 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook each day – No exaggeration! And marketing persons are making the most of it.

Taking on the bandwagon, numerous brands and industry giants are always taking after the video marketing and video email marketing strategies to win the race. Without further ruckus, here are some of the most popular brands and how they are using video marketing strategy to market their businesses.

1. Taco Bell


Not-so-new in the video marketing world, there is probably no stone Taco Bell hasn’t turned with their creative campaigns. They have been using videos in their digital marketing strategy since 2011.

Taco Bell usually posts short clips accompanied with fun taco-focused stuff that make people giggle hard. This strategy works amazingly for them. A popular post they made on Facebook got a whopping 49 million views with 21 million in just the initial 30 days.

We’re really charged with how we continue to really bring the brand to life over time. We don’t need more awareness of the Taco Bell brand, we just want people to fall more in love with us.

— Ryan Rimsnider, Taco Bell’s senior manager of social strategy

For Taco Bell, it is not doing things quietly but hitting big with little clips.

Key Takeaway:

Be as creative as you can but don’t forget to consider the nature or offerings you have. While thinking out of the box may not always work, it will do wonders for you when it does.

2. Airbnb


This is not just about advertising storytelling either. Real-time storytelling is where the world is headed.

— Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall

When it comes to using data from your own customer base to create targeted campaigns that go viral instantly, we should learn it from Airbnb.

Dennis Goedegebuure, former head of Global SEO at Airbnb, says, “The real challenge of global strategy isn’t how big you can get, but how small you can get.”

So, it is the little details that create big things!

Video marketing for Airbnb is based on creating campaigns that are centered on superior, homely experience for the customers. “Welcome to Airbnb” is one of their numerous amazing videos with over 5 million views.

Key Takeaway:

A successful digital marketing strategy is never about marketing your products and services and displaying your business’s strengths and qualities. It should be focused on customer value and experience.

3. Lowes Home Improvement


When it comes to promotions and marketing of the brand, Lowe is truly an expert. Introducing successful video campaigns one after the other, the team has literally taken the world of video marketing by storm.

Our campaigns provide reasons to believe, proof points about how Lowes demonstrates its passion around helping consumers bring their visions to life.

— Marci Grebstein, Lowes Chief Marketing Officer

For Lowe, it started in April 2013 where they came with a bang on the then-popular social media platform called Vine by introducing an uber-popular series called “Fix in Six.” The videos were based on 6-seconds clips each only on DIY home improvement and made Lowe an overnight Vine sensation getting it 30,000 followers and more than 40 million clicks on their Vines.

 And since then, nothing was ever able to stop them.

Key Takeaway:

Understand your audience, keep it short and catchy, and use across all platforms.

The Last Word

Video marketing is not something you learn overnight. Just start small while you think big and experience with different platforms and formats. If they can do it, you can too!

Video is alive as ever and will always bring astonishing results if effectively included in your marketing campaigns. Incorporate video marketing in your marketing strategy and see you get an edge over your competitors instantly. Just keep learning, keep working, and never give up.

As Jonathan Mildenhall said,

The entire world is moving towards video. The entire world.

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