Are E-Cards Better than Traditional Paper Greeting Cards

One question often asked by marketing managers and PR specialists is whether E-Cards are better and more effective than ordinary paper greeting cards for business promotion.

The answer to that is both YES, and NO depending on whom you ask.

Paper Greeting Cards

Paper greeting cards have been around a long time. They are used by businesses to connect with and congratulate their customers, suppliers and employees on important occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and holidays etc.

These greeting cards can make your business associates feel valued and appreciated. They let employees know that their efforts are admired. They thank customers for their patronage and wish them well. They inform suppliers and the community how much they mean to the business.

Overall, these cards can help foster positive feelings about your business.

Electronic Greeting Cards

E-Cards are technology driven and offer a new way of connecting with business associates in the new age. These cards provide all the advantages of paper greeting cards while offering additional features which include the following;

  • Quick selection process through an online E-Card Store.
  • The ability to send a greeting card to anyone, anywhere in a matter of seconds.
  • Lower cost than a paper greeting card.
  • Great customization options with graphics, music and messages of your choice.
  • The ability to tell a story through animated E-cards.
  • These cards are an environmentally friendly alternative to paper cards.
  • Paper cards may get destroyed with time, but a saved E-card stays with you forever.

The Advantages of E-Cards

There is simply no question that an E-Card is an improvement over paper cards.  That is why more and more businesses are turning to these cards because of the advantages they offer over traditional paper cards.

These cards offer two way advantages, both for the sender and the recipient. It takes a lot less time in selecting, customizing and sending an E-Card than it does in sending a paper card by post.

Business holiday cards can also be customized by individual members of your sales team, allowing each sales person to type their own personalized greeting for their clients.

For the recipient, E-Cards are the better option because they can be received on time. Paper greeting cards often get lost in mail and reach the recipient after their birthday or the special holiday has passed. E-Cards always get to their destination on time. A sender can even set the time for sending an E-Card in advance to make sure it doesn’t get delayed or forgotten.

The New Way of Sending Greetings

E-Cards are to paper greeting cards what digital or plastic money is to paper currency. Digital cash offers a significant advantage over regular money. While many people continue to use paper currency, they would certainly prefer to move to digital cash if they had the option or knew how to switch over.

The same is true for E-Cards. Statistics show that E-Cards are used more commonly by Generation Y or millennials who are more in tune with technology, while paper cards are preferred by the older generation who are used to doing things in the old fashioned way.

Do you think sending an E-card is more effective than a paper greeting card for business promotion?

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