Effectiveness of E-Cards in B2B Communication

Business greetings cards offer a non-formal yet effective way of keeping in touch with your business partners and associates. They are useful for reminding other companies and businesses about how you worked together in the past and still wish them well for their business success.

Cultivating Business Relationships

Maintaining B2B communication and corporate relations falls within the domain of the marketing and public relations department. With the massive digitalization of the marketing efforts, emails and E-cards have taken the center stage in a company’s marketing mix.

This is why many marketing managers rely on E-Cards to connect with their customers, vendors and other business partners on a regular basis.

E-Cards are non-intrusive, light-hearted and considered mostly informal. Yet a well chosen card can help deliver a powerful message for a good marketer.

Remind Your Partners That You Still Exist

Unless you are a retailing business that sells daily consumption goods, most companies come in to contact with their clients and suppliers once in a while. Consider HVAC businesses for instance which usually service heating and AC system for their clients once in six months.

A long gap in business transactions usually causes breaks in communication. Your customers may forget about your products and services. The suppliers could assume that you no longer need their services. This is why it is important to stay in touch with your affiliates to let them know that you are still operational.

Good for all Occasions

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An E-Card can be sent for any occasion, throughout the year. Whether it is Christmas or the 4th of July, a customized card will leave the recipient feeling valued and remembered.

Birthday is one occasion that is really great for connecting with your business partners. No one ever minds getting a well-meaning birthday card. Wishing your business affiliates a happy birthday can really make their day great and leave a positive image of your company in their minds.

Easy Availability and Customization

One reason for the popularity of E-Cards is that they are widely available, inexpensive and can be customized to your particular needs. There are a number of websites that offer a good selection and you can add your own messages, greetings and signature.

If you are looking for something unique and high quality however, have a look at the E-Cards available on Corporate Holiday E-Cards website. They offer a really large range of greeting cards with hundreds of designs to choose from.

You can choose E-Cards based on different design categories including Illustrated, Photo & Text, Pop-Up, Slideshow and Staff Photo. The cards can be edited and customized individually with unique animation styles and illustrations.

The cards can be sent easily and quickly to hundreds of contacts, with customized recipient names and messages. The cards are HTML responsive and adjustable to mobile screen making them the best choice for recipients who are always on the move.

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