5 Thoughtful Tips When Choosing Corporate E-Cards

Whether it’s time for jingle bells or work anniversary of a colleague- corporate e-cards play a vital role in strengthening professional relations with work life peers and clients. The one on the receiving end might be a customer you’re sending greetings for the New Year or a birthday card for your boss, corporate e-cards are not only to save paper, they mean a lot more and thus the tone of the message and the overall design needs to reflect the professional relationship you share with the receiver. Following are the thoughtful considerations needed to be kept in mind before clicking on the ‘send’ button:

1.    Does the Digital Greeting Card make Sense?

The corporate e-card doesn’t just have to be a pick and dropped card or rather a pasted message directly from the greeting card site. It has to be browsed and thoroughly checked for it to make sense and relate to the actual message you’re trying to convey. Whether it is a thank you card or anything else, the message has to be well thought of and decided upon on rational grounds.

2.    Who are Your Recipients?

Even though you’re sending holiday e-cards, you just can’t send it to the entire list marked with ‘work’.  That would include from the managers at top most hierarchical level to your work life buddy, it’s not the same. The card cannot be the same either.  Checking on your recipients before sending a corporate e-card is one of the fundamentals of sending business e-cards which cannot be forgotten. The design and message needs to be in cohesion with it.

3.    You’re Representing Your Company

This aspect is also an important one to be kept in mind when sending corporate e-cards and greetings. You’re a representative of your organization and no matter how much you wish to add that ‘out of the box’ imagery to the cards, if it goes against company’s image (or on a serious note, policies), then avoid doing so. Adding logo of the business to the corporate e-cards is a good idea especially if that has to be sent to a client; however, this could be opted out of  if you are sending to your employees or other people within your organization.

4.    Add a Personal Touch

While it is essential to stick to professionalism when sending corporate e-cards, it definitely shouldn’t bore off your recipient with the dull shades of your company logo. Adding personalized message to the e-card shows the time and effort you’ve pooled in to polish the already existing (and supposedly blooming) professional relationship with the recipient. This also has higher probability of being responded to with a ‘thank you’ card.

5.    Choose a design that Aligns your Corporate Image with Greeting Message

Graphic choice is in abundance online; however, when selecting a corporate e-card it has to be kept in mind to select one with the graphics that not only please the senses but also relate to the corporate image. The cohesion between the two is sometimes a difficult task if you’re looking for one that matches logo, but that’s not necessary. It’s the tone of the e-card that has to be in connection with the message of the e-card and the company itself.

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