5 Amazing Uses of GIF Images in Emails

Most of us only GIF images with the hilarious memes and annoying reactions, but in reality, there is so much more to this awesome marketing tool.

GIF animations are their own kind of interesting. Their uses are both realistic and helpful for you to increase reader engagement and get more sales and subscriptions. Let’s get started.


1.  Product Illustrations

The use of GIF images for product illustration is amongst the top most effective uses of GIFs. Regardless of the type of content you have, GIF can make everything better for you and your intended readers. They enable the readers to see and understand things in a better way without having to read through long copies or watch lengthy videos/tutorials.

This may not be as effective for products such as t-shirts or posters.

2.  Visual Instructions

It is not always a good idea to send how-to videos to your customers to demonstrate the usage/working of the products. GIF images can handle this task more effectively for you. After all, it is obviously better to break down things in several little, easy steps than throwing all of them at once.

If you are attempting to create a how-to series for your customers, it is advisable and smart to shoot different videos of the steps taken and transform them into GIF animations.

3.  UX

This one’s for all the app developers. With the use of GIF in emails, you can easily show the users how exactly your application works. All you have to do is record a video of the screen and show the user in real-time how your application works by sending an email that contains GIFs every time someone subscribes/downloads the app.

4.  Dynamic Emails

Sometimes, all we need is a little fun element in our emails and make them more expressive. GIF images have revolutionized the concept of email marketing by adding the fun element that compels your readers to read through to the end.

You can easily incorporate humor-filled GIFs in emails to keep the readers entertained and engaged when the main topic is a little boring. This will also add a bit of life to the conversation and some energy to the otherwise boring text-based deliberations.

5.  Cinemagraphs

If you don’t deem humorous GIFs suitable for the emails you send, you can use cinemagraphs to incite the readers. Pictures that are seemingly still but have at least one animated feature within them are called cinemagraphs.

You can have a landscape view of a river on which a boat is slightly swinging or moving or a bird flying high in the sky while the world around it remains still to represent movement or progress.

There is a host of stunning, meaningful cinemagraphs on Reddit’s Cinemagraphs subreddit that you can choose from and incorporate them in your emails.

GIF in emails is a match made in heaven in the field of email marketing. The tool can do wonders for you provided that it is not overdone or overused!

Do you use GIFs in your emails to give your readers the X-factor that is needed to make them read all the way through to the end?

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