4 Rules of Sending a Corporate E-card

Sending business greeting cards is a routine activity for businesses and entrepreneurs. Businesses often send corporate e-cards to their customers, clients, vendors, and even employees on various occasions such as holidays, birthdays, business anniversaries, etc. This helps businesses in building a long lasting relation with their business partners and colleagues. However, it is very important to send good quality corporate e-cards on appropriate occasions to ensure that they make a lasting good impact on your business.

Corporate greeting cards are incredibly convenient and can be used as an invaluable communication tool to build healthy professional relationship with clients and to accomplish the goals of the company by motivating employees, which results in increased productivity. Nevertheless, it is very important that you appropriately plan your business greeting cards, craft a heartwarming message, and send them on suitable occasions.

Here are four rules that you should follow to make a good impression on your customers and colleagues.

Rule No. 1 – Look at Corporate E-cards as an Investment

Corporate e-cards have a lasting impression and they let your customers and clients know that you are thinking about them and value their presence. Many businesses consider the cost spent on business greeting cards as an unnecessary expense. As a matter of fact, it is an investment opportunity for your business, which can get you more loyal customers and more reliable clients.

When deciding to send business e-cards to your clients, choose a reliable and creative corporate e-card company. Make sure that you send good-quality professional corporate e-cards to your clients to show that you value your relationship with them.

Rule No. 2 – Give a Personal Touch to Your Corporate E-cards

Remember that greeting cards are not just a marketing tool; they also help you in building a personal relationship with your clients and customers. Do not make your e-card too “salesy”. You can add a personal touch to your corporate greetings by crafting special personalized messages for your clients. Try sending corporate greetings on occasions that are special to your customers and employees such as birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, etc.

Rule No. 3 – Send Corporate Greetings on Time

E-mail your business e-cards on time to arrive for the designated occasion. If your recipient closes down on the holiday, make sure that your corporate e-cards reach them before the vacations begin. To avoid the last minute rush, you should get services of a reputable corporate greetings company. They can help you plan your corporate greeting cards and ensure that your corporate greetings reach the recipients on desired time.

Rule No. 4 – Be Sensitive to Traditions

This is probably the most crucial rule. No matter how perfectly you plan your corporate greetings, a greeting card sent on a wrong occasion will do more harm than good to your business. Know your recipient’s religious and cultural preferences and plan your corporate greetings accordingly. You may also play safe by sending corporate greetings on non-denominational holidays such as New Year and Thanksgiving.

With these four simple rules, you can ensure that your corporate e-cards leave a good impression on your clients and get you more business. Follow the rules to design an inoffensive, professional-looking, heartwarming corporate e-card for your customers and clients.

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