4 Compelling Reasons to Send Corporate E-Cards to Clients

Clients are the main focus of a business. The production and provision of services are mainly focused on them. It is extremely important that they are treated considerately so that a healthy corporate relation is cultivated. Businesses have taken to innovative ideas and techniques to build a good rapport with their customers. Technology has also played its role in this regard. One of those tech savvy ways to make the customers feel important and remembered is by sending them corporate e-cards on holidays and other occasions. One may question the impact of sending e-cards to clients. Why bother if it doesn’t make a difference to the bottom line of the business? Let’s explore the possible reasons as to why sending corporate e-cards to clients is a great idea.

Human Nature


It is in human nature to desire to be remembered and feel included in others’ lives. Corporate E-cards do just that. The nature of business is so formal and dry that customers usually expect a strictly professional attitude. Corporate e-cards warm things up a bit. They make customers feel included in the vast network of the company and remembered on friendlier terms. This obviously contributes positively to the professional relation. So by targeting this particular aspect of human nature, you can win clients over.

Quick and Easy


Sending corporate e-cards is one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect to your customers on seasonal and celebratory occasions. Not only this, it also gives you an opportunity to promote your seasonal discounts and sales that are on offer for your customers. In this age, hardly a day goes by that people don’t check their email. So the chances of your clients missing your tech-savvy greeting are very slim.


You can send a very generic corporate e-card and make every customer feel included in the holiday spirit. Your customers belong to different ethnicities and hold different beliefs; it is important to make them all feel included in the celebrations and festivity. Without any need for customization, you can send a single greeting card to all customers without getting into the hassle of ordering different types of layouts or risking to offend anyone. E-cards that highlight the festive occasion and deliver a powerful message of sharing happiness are surely going to win your customers’ hearts.

Contemporary Way of Greeting


Corporate e-cards are the new letters. Gone are the days of sending posts or greeting cards through mail. Majority of the businesses use corporate e-cards to celebrate the seasonal spirit with their customers. So if your clients do not receive one from you, chances are they might feel left out. In this fast paced world, business is all about keeping ahead in the race. So you should try and win on this front as well.

Remember to keep your corporate e-cards warm and friendly, and reflective of your personal touch. We hope these ideas help you in understanding how such a small gesture can make a huge difference in your professional dealings.


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