3 Great Motivational Ecards for Business

The road to business success is a long and bumpy one. You are required to spend long hours managing people and resources when you would rather be spending time with your friends and family having fun. But being your own boss has its own fun and excitement. You get to work with people with different personalities and get an opportunity to affect their lives in a positive way.

Being a boss, you are required to inspire and energize your employees. There are numerous ways through which you can achieve this objective, but of all these ways, business ecards are perhaps the most cost-efficient and effective way to motivate and lead your employees. With corporate e-cards, one can build stronger relationship with staff, increase their productivity, and most of all, boost their morale.

Motivational Business Ecards

Ecards for business are used for several different purposes such as for acknowledging someone’s efforts, extending an apology to a disgruntled customer, congratulating a business partner for achieving a milestone, etc. One important and unique function served by corporate e-cards is motivating colleagues and employees.

Anyone who is looking for an effective way to motivate their employees can benefit from business ecards. This can be done through several ways; for example, by acknowledging an employee’s efforts or congratulating them on a corporate forum, or by sending surprise birthday greeting to an employee. The cards can be customized with an interesting image and a captivating motivational quote.

We are listing 3 different types of motivational cards you can use to surprise and inspire your employees.

1.     Send an Appreciation Message

Nothing motivates an employee more than an honest appreciation from their boss. Keep appreciating employees and their efforts by sending them appreciation ecards on various occasions. Design an employee recognition card and thank your employees for milestone achievements and work well done.


2.     Send birthday greetings

Most people assume that sending birthday greetings is just for friends and family. You can make an efficient use of birthday ecards by customizing them to wish an employee on their birthday. Add their picture on the card and a warm message to give it a more human look.

3.     Just a random e-card

Corporate environment can become frustrating for employee sometimes. It is important to keep reminding them that you value their presence and appreciate their contribution to your business. Random motivational business ecards can do this on your behalf very efficiently. But, do not solely rely on your marketing or HR department for this purpose. It is important to add a personally crafted heart-warming message to let your employees know that you appreciate them and are always ready to extend support to them.

We have listed three basic types of business motivational ecards here. However, it is important that you do not limit yourself to these three types only and keep sending small appreciation and motivational messages to your employees to thank them for their dedication and commitment to your company.

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